The first part in designing a home is coming up with a concept. The more the client can provide the designer in the beginning the faster this process can go. Such things as pictures, sketches, and photographs are always a good start. However it is not unusual to start with as little as the amount of square footage required, the budget for the overall project, and or number and types of rooms required. There is no need to feel embarrassed if you find yourself in this category. It’s for this reason you have chosen to come to a designer.
After a preliminary interview with the client, a floor plan will be created which we feel best defines the information that has been provided. After presenting this plan to the client, we will then start a redefining process with the client’s help until the client agrees we have achieved a floor plan that best fits there lifestyle.
Once the floor plans have been completed we will start the design of the elevations,exterior views of the house. This process will follow the same format as the floor plans to ensure the client’s satisfaction is guaranteed.